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Bees Wax Cleaner Protectant (Case of 12)

Bees Wax Cleaner Protectant (Case of 12)


For use on: Wood, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Granite, Marble and other Solid Surface Counters (It’s Food Safe!), Glass and Mirrors, Leather, Computer and TV Screens, Drawer Slides for easy gliding…

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NEVER leaves a wax buildup

NEVER requires buffing

WON’T leave fingerprints

Can use on virtually anything, with the exception of non-wood flooring (i.e. tile, linoleum wood, shower and tub floors)

When overspray is a concern, apply to cotton cloth first, otherwise spray directly on surface for maximum coverage

CAUTION: DO NOT USE with microfiber cloths as some brands come embedded with a cleaning solution that does not mix well with the Bees Wax Cleaner